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What we do

In today's challenging business landscape, technology is rapidly advancing, new business models are emerging while others are converging, therefore value creation is shifting, markets reshaping and margins shrinking.
As a result, operators need to reassess their business models to remain viable. They must address the challenges by developing a comprehensive strategy and operate their organization efficiently to meet current technology challenges and customer expectations.
Commpendi is born from the need for actionable insight combined with result-oriented approach, a kind of hybrid partner that merges vision with action, an "extra- brain, extra- hand" that can change hats and act swiftly.
Today, Commpendi provides hands-on Consulting and Management solutions for telecoms to help operators, suppliers & regulatory bodies drive transformation and create value.
Our practice extends from insightful consulting, efficient operational management, to full-fledge Managed services provision; a blend of consultative, operations and outsourcing, a unique business model that was made possible through robust industry expertise, extensive market knowledge, processes and technologies.
The consistent use of this three-folded approach, coupled with our understanding of global trends, cooperation with credible partners, and the dedication of our seasoned team made our success factors and key differentiator.
We aim to lend our extensive expertise to our clients to create results, drive change and shape the future.

Who we are

Commpendi is managed by a mix of multi-talented seasoned team with a proven track record.
In addition, Compendi joined forces with a pool of credible and well-established network of partners which enables us to offer a wider array of interconnected mesh of innovative products and solutions.
The company is headquartered in Lebanon with subsidiaries in Sierra Leone and Yemen, and its operational and regulatory solutions are tailored for Middle East and African markets.
We aim at helping our clients address their challenges by adopting best practices and International quality standards.
Commpendi relies on a core team of qualified experts supported by locally recruited staff on a project basis. The team comes from an extensive hands-on experience & seasoned back office support expertise in telecoms, strategy, management, and organizational fields.

Why Commpendi

  • We offer a wide portfolio of end-to-end consulting and management solutions for Telecom Operators and Government institutions.
  • We build on our core expertise to help our clients reach out to new opportunities.
  • Our business model allows us to offer more cost effective solutions & enhanced services.
  • We partner with world-class solution providers.
  • Our team involves hands-on experts with a proven track record.